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The 2024 Stallion Service Sale opens at 11:00 am CST on October 3, 2023. Breedings are sold for half of the stallion’s standard fee plus a $100 administration fee.
Breedings sell under the terms expressed in the stallion’s current year service contract which will be provided by the stallion owner to the buyer upon notification that payment for the breeding has been received by Premier Sires. By participating in Premier Sires, the owner of the stallion has granted Premier Sires the right to sell one breeding to their stallion for the 2024 breeding season. It is the stallion owner’s responsibility to provide the breeding contract for their stallion. It is the buyer’s responsibility to discuss specific terms and conditions of the breeding with the stallion owner and ensure that the contract is agreeable to them prior to purchasing the breeding. Once purchased the buyer agrees to be bound by all terms of the stallion’s contract or they forfeit the breeding and all money paid to the Premier Sires. Buyer understands they are responsible for and agrees to pay the listed chute fee and all shipping charges, as well as any other applicable expenses outlined in the stallion’s contract, directly to the stallion owner/manager/breeding farm. In the event that a stallion dies or becomes unfit to breed and the stallion’s contract provides the mare owner a refund, a refund will be issued by the Premier Sires, only up to the amount paid, as long as the stallion owner is in good financial standing with the Premier Sires. If the stallion owner is not in good financial standing with the Premier Sires, the refund will be withheld until the stallion owner returns to good financial standing with the Premier Sires. Premier Sires is only an agent in this sale and is not responsible for any accident, sickness or death to any stallion, mare and/or foal. The purchase of a breeding is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions.
Breedings listed as RESERVED have been done so at the request of the stallion owner. Please contact the stallion owner to purchase one of these breedings. The stallion owner will need to notify Premier Sires that they have approved the sale before the breeding will be released.