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The Mare Power 3-Year-Old Maiden Western Pleasure class is limited to offspring of the 40 mares enrolled in the program. As the slot owner, the mare owner will elect one entry, which must be produced by their mare, to compete in the class each year. To be eligible the horse must be nominated to Premier Sires and may not be shown under saddle prior to the Mare Power class. Only 40 slots are available. Up to two slots may be purchased for a mare, giving her the opportunity to have two entries in the class. The slot is purchased for an individual mare and may not be transferred between mares. If the slot owner fails to pay for their slot by the annual due date, the slot is forfeited and the offspring of that mare are no longer eligible and that mare will be ineligible to have a slot again in the future.
For the 2024 class, the mare owner must elect the entry produced by their mare that will show in their slot by October 1, 2023. The exhibitor must be named with the horse. There will be no substitutions for horses or exhibitors unless the horse dies (which must be documented by the breed association of registry) or an exhibitor is injured in such a way that they are an unable to ride in the class or is suspended from competition, in which case a substitute exhibitor may be selected but it may not be an exhibitor who was entered with another horse, even if that exhibitor no longer intends to or is able to show the horse they were entered with.
2024 Show Location: To Be Announced
Slot Fee: $5,000
Only 40 slots are available and are sold first come, first serve. 100% of the slot fee is added to the purse.
Anticipated Purse & Payout: $200,000 (assumes all 40 slots are sold)
Champion – $40,000
Reserve Champion – $25,000

3rd Place – $20,000
4th Place – $18,000
5th Place – $16,000
6th Place – $13,000
7th Place – $12,000
8th Place – $11,000
9th Place – $10,000
10th Place – $9,000
11th Place – $8,000
12th Place – $7,000
13th Place – $6,000
14th Place – $5,000
20% is paid to the slot/mare owner